I am an award winning Actor as well as Acting Coach, Editor and Comedienne! I trained for three years at the Oxford School of Drama, graduating with an Acting Diploma in 2009. Since then, like many before me,  I have been on a long and perhaps, complex journey of self discovery, both on and off Camera. In my humble 6 years as a professional working Actor, I have enjoyed as many highs as lows, as many achievements as failures and met many unusual people along the way, that I might never have had the pleasure of knowing had I been academic enough to become a Scientist, or brave enough to save the World, (childhood ambition). I find gratitude everyday in the fact that I dreamt my time away in class, for it is not numbers that are of interest to me, but people. Comedy, above all is my absolute passion, for there is nothing more fulfilling than making others laugh at one’s own expense. May this extraordinary journey continue with all it’s lumps and bumps and lessons! For information on my Acting lessons or Showreel edits, please see the main menu-Thank you.

‘Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible’- Audrey Hepburn